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Profile in Film The Art of Wild 

THE ART OF WILD reconnects us to the earth through the lens of five experiential artists from across British Columbia, Canada. Looking intimately at lifestyle commitment and the world we live in, the artists climb routes on the southern end of Vancouver Island, dive into the north Pacific Ocean waves of Tofino, ride the Kooetnay Rockies of Revelstoke and bike the lost landscapes of Atlin from a tiny off-grid cabin tucked away in the most northern corner of the province. This short documentary film reminds us of our humble place in this vast universe, allowing us to simply enjoy the beauty of nature and the exploration, contemplation and freedom that it evokes. Featured: Jeremy Koreski Devin Card Kate Harris Lynsey Dyer Jamie Tanner Music: Ben Salisbury & Geoff Barrow, Ex Machina, Courtesy of Universal Film Music Mike Edel, India/Seattle, Courtesy of Cordova Bay Records The Bones of J.R. Jones, The Wildness, Courtesy of Platform Music Group